we put the fun in funeral

Saturday, September 02, 2006

i am forever blowing bubbles....

you'd give it all up for an arm and a leg, the right ones that is. or you'd throw it all away for a deep breath of air off of the coast, salty and warm. i am forever playing musical chairs with hotels and rooms and sometimes even hearts. it looks like the set of some play off of the balcony. the buldings dont look real. the lights are too yellow, the grays are too clean. walked in the rain today. thought it would clear my head. wash it out. but it didnt. it only served to make it more foggy. a noah with out the ark, lion with out the jungle kind of thing. its a lonely thing to be loved(hated) by everyone. i love the way my name sounds when it come out of your mouth and crackles through my phone. i know its strange. i want to write more but it wont come out right.

i promised a continuation. i guess i didnt. not to you but to myself. i am filing the past year of my life right now. writes and wrongs. "potions for foxes" is going through my head. it is time to find a dancefloor or a movie to watch im not sure. im all over the place in all of the worst ways. i find myself missing you before i have even left. i dont want to go.

"youre bad news my friends all say youre bad news... but i like you..... we're all just potions for foxes..."