we put the fun in funeral

Friday, August 11, 2006

since j.t. is bringing sexy back, i guess i am out of a job. is borders hiring?

what is the opposite of amnesia? because that is what i have.
sometimes i cant find my way around my memories.
i have to take detours.
i think you were the best one.
its like it was never really going anywhere and alot of breakdowns but really it made for the best trip.
its strange to land here and be completely out of place.
but at the same time not really.
i never really felt like i understood anything anyone was saying anywhere. so how different can this be?
its like it always was.
i have affection imprinted deep inside my head.
its why am always on the verge of love or giving up.
or thats what i am convinced of today- tommorrow it will be something new.
dear drugstore cowboy, the chemical balance is a bit off.
its 7 am in california, 11pm in japan.
but my head is always on central standard.
how are you gonna get your way out of this one pete?
baby you are a canary and i am a coalmine.
the moon is out and its convincing me, it has me all kinds of crazy.
maybe will just go to sleep and wake up on the summer sheets i grew up on.
because how could any of this be real.

"answer the phone, i know that youre home. i want to get you alone...."